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Ultimate You COACHING


Groups/Health & Body​/Communication​


The service to be provided is coaching & counseling, which is not advice, and may address specific personal projects, business successes or general conditions in your life or profession. Coach/counseling is a designed alliance that helps bring out the best in you and helps you create and live the life you want to live.

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Private professional coaching


6 month packages 

9 month packages 

1 year packages 

I Think Different Classes for Dyslexic children 

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Individual Coaching 

We can all benefit from coaching. Investing in yourself  is a MUST!

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Group Coaching

Working together can bring on great healing. Learning from other's in a group setting helps individuals know they are not alone. This creates growth. 

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Couples Coaching 

Communication is something that is lost among our society especially in our relationships. Learning how to listen, speak and create intimacy is key in a positive relationship. 

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Trauma Coaching 

Trauma is one of the top issues that is the root of individuals suffering.  This is mostly due to individuals not knowing that their trauma is the cause of their internal suffering.  This is why i am here. 

Angelic believes in working with those who are ready to work and grow themselves. She does not take on everyone as everyone is not ready to do the necessary work that's needed in order to heal in totality.


                                     All services are tailored to your needs. 

                                          No cookie cutter services


  • Her methods are unique in that she meets with you to identify if you are the client for her and she her the coach for you. 

  • Meets you where you are to get you where you want to go

  • She goes over every aspect of your life to identify what is out of balance for you

  • No matter what your main goal is she will work with your whole-self.


Angelic takes you through her 8 dimension of wellness:

8 Dimensions of Wellness 
Occupational/ Financial 

Her 8 dimensions are vital to helping the individual, group, couple grow in order to be the individual they want to be.  Angelic will challenge  your thoughts and push you to you max without pushing you over the edge.  When working with her you will be able to see yourself in it's totality and it will be mind opening. 

  • Engaging in meditation to calm the mind and open up apart of you that that you didn't realize was there.

  • Using a form of art to open the right hemisphere and  create balance 

  • Becoming more emotionally aware by creating emotional intelligence

  • Tailored program for your life


When you make the decision to work with Angelic you are working to enhance yourself and grow to your full potential. Get ready to live your true self and be the person you truly are but have been hiding from.  Let's rid you of your fears and help you THRIVE! I know you can do it.  Schedule you consultation today 

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