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Angelic is a reliable and experienced Life Coaching Professional, Thai Yoga Body-Woks Therapist and inspirational speaker, who specializes in working with individuals, groups organizations and professionals who are ready to be empowered and make positive life and organizational changes. She believes each of us deserves to live more awake, happy, and beautiful life. She has been working as a counselor for over 20 years specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by cutting the root of the issues that has caused them distress, anxiety, and stress. Angelic takes great pride in the progress and success of her clients, and look forward to helping you. Feel free to contact Angelic with any questions, and learn how to reach your full potential.


I think different and that's OK!

Angelic Muhammad, PhD, MRT, CPLC, ELI-MP


PhD in International Psychology  (specializing in trauma)

Thai Yoga Body-Work Therapist 

Founder & President, INSPIRE US ALL (non-profit) & Angelic Global ​

Before I even came out of the womb I was fighting. When my mom was pregnant she stated the doctor told her there was three true knots in the umbilical cord. C. Lopez Ramon Y Cajal (2004) states, “The incidence of two true knots of the umbilical cord has been reported to occur in 0.3&-2.1% of all delivers, fetal death is four to ten times higher in these fetuses” and I had THREE; either I was going to die or my mother. The doctor asked her who did she wanted to live and my mom said we will both live. I was born blue 9-23-1980 at 11:00 pm. God blew life back into me, my fight was not in vain, and therefore my life is not either. Today we are both alive. It is possible due to these difficulties my mom had while carrying me, is why I have scoliosis (as doctors have suggested), and a learning disorder. God has been my Anchor.


Through my life I have experienced some ups and some downs. I am proud to say I am a survivor of being molested by my cousin. I am a survivor of ridicule and self-defeating thoughts. I am a survivor of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse, stocked, threatened, and harassed by the father of my child. Today I am a forgiving and spiritual woman and walking in alignment with God mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


I found the Power in Rediscovering my VOICE!

As I was born fighting and kept fighting, I chose today not to choose me anymore and live in my God given purpose and because of that I no longer have to fight. Today I am humble, today I am blessed, and today I am continuing to embrace love, as I drum up positive energy and share it with a nation. Today, nothing and no one can take what God has placed me here on earth for, which is to assist people with creating positive change in their lives and to move them forward with their goals no matter the situation. You have to want it.



The emotional distress that consumed me, no longer controls me.

I am commanding, I am benevolent, I am enchanting,

I am who I am because my creator designed me to be the best, achieve the best and in any situation I will handle it as my creator intends, as the best.

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